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Cotton Blossom Nectar Honey 650 gr


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Raw “Cotton Blossom” honey 650 gr:
It’s full of nectar and nutrient-rich bee pollen.

This honey derives from the remote countyside of Pati, Central Java (inside Perhutani land) and it’s only produced in small batch due to its season.

The flavour and aroma of this honey when first gathered and very fresh reminds one of freshly cut grass. But as this honey slowly matures it becomes increasingly sweet, the cut grass hints disappear and it develops wonderful buttery, caramel and creamy tones with a definite tang.

The colour of raw Cotton Blossom honey is light pale yellow to pale amber.

Honey from cotton has the highest antibacterial effect of all other honey varieties, due to the fact that it is rich in hydrogen peroxide.

It is also rich in amino acids, such as proline, which helps the restoration of muscle tissues and skin elasticity and is effective as an antiseptic agent.
Other essential minerals found in this honey include magnesium, potassium and calcium. A powerful honey.

It’s such an honor for us to deliver the finest honey, from dedicated beekeepers to you all honey enthusiasts.

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