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Emgoat Milk


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EMGOAT – Etawa Goat Milk Powder with the Best Taste and Quality

Packed in a Pot Bottle containing 10 Sachets @ 25gram

The words EMGOAT with a picture of a goat will surely let you know that the product in it is powdered goat’s milk, which you just need to brew with 150 cc of warm water and it’s ready to drink. Goat’s milk is currently a trend for maintaining health because it has many benefits. EMGOAT Raw Material is produced from Etawa crossbreed goat’s milk (PE) which is bred organically with a regular and nutritious diet and always kept the cage clean, so as to produce quality powdered goat’s milk with a delicious taste. (no smell of goat)

Goat milk as we know, has many benefits for our bodies including:

* Meet the needs of vitamins and minerals of the body.
* Contains high protein so that it can quickly repair damaged body tissues.
* Increase immunity and body immunity against disease-causing
* Improve the condition of acid levels in the stomach.
* Has almost perfect nutritional content like breast milk
* Helps overcome various respiratory problems.
* Contains high calcium so as to maintain healthy bones and teeth, and prevent rheumatism and osteoporosis.
* Beneficial for the health of pregnant and lactating women.
* Neutralize blood pressure that is too high or low.
* Maintain heart health.
* Improve the intelligence of the brain of children and babies
* Prevents Alzheimer’s in the elderly

You can enjoy all these benefits in a balanced composition in Emgoat milk products.
Composition / nutrition facts:
Emgoat milk is processed and produced by mixing goat’s milk and other raw materials such as:
Etawa goat’s milk + colostrum + Moringa leaves with Stevia sweetener

10 Sachets @ 25gram

Weigth : 350 gram

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