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GKN Red Ginger Plus Red Ginseng (10 pcs)


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GKN Red Ginger Plus Red Ginseng
Natural instant drink made from red ginger from agricultural products in the Lake area
Toba is combined with Korean red ginseng, Black Seed, spices and sugar. Without
added preservatives, sweeteners and colorants. Drinks ready to brew when and where
it’s just delicious, and useful. a drink that’s not just an ordinary bandrek
but a drink that is rich in complete benefits.

Red ginger, Korean red ginseng, Black Seed, spices and sugar

For the benefits of red ginger and other spices that collaborate with
This Instant Red Ginger GKN drink as we know the benefits or efficacy of Ginger
Red contains phenolic compounds, including gingerol and shagaol
has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as supporting spices
This drink has a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

This drink is efficacious to increase stamina, increase the immune system,
improve the performance of brain function, refresh the body, relieve pain/inflammation
either joints, muscles, head or menstruation in women, relieves coughs, warms
body, prevent intestinal inflammation, maintain the digestive system, overcome / prevent cancer
and bacteria, body aches
The advantages of this Instant Red Ginger GKN are the real spicy red ginger taste, red
ginseng and very delicious taste.

GKN Instant Red Ginger Packaging Weight:
300 gr

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