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The Roots of Bajakah Uluh Dipah Tea Bags


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Bajakah ITAH is a local creative product from East Kotawaringin – Central Kalimantan. The worldwide processing of Bajakah plants in Kalimantan. Rich in benefits for health. We present a more practical preparation in a ready-to-brewed dip bag. Enjoy a glass of Seduhan Bajakah ITAH, the typical warmth of the Dayak tribe, from the local wisdom of the Dayak Community, served in each meaningful preparation, sharing love in every treat from a deep day.

Bajakah plants, typical of local wisdom, which have been used for generations by the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, are rich in the properties of the 41 active substances contained in them, present in dry chopped packaging, the main part is 60% stem and 40% bark. Hygienically packed free of mold and bacteria.

The Roots of Bajakah Uluh Dipah are GUARANTEED ORIGINAL
Guarantee 100% Direct from the jungle.
Taken by the local forest Dayak community, which we empower as the main supplier of our pirate materials. Those who are very familiar with the type of Bajakah.
The advantages of buying dried bajakah roots:
– Anti-fungal and bacteria
– More durable
– Dried Bajakah roots can be brewed 3 times more than wet Bajakah roots.
– It’s ready to be boiled, no need to dry it anymore.

Contains 41+ active substances that are good for health Benefits:
+ Prevent & Treat Cancer
+ Taming & Killing Tumor Cells
+ Treats Mumps & Lymph nodes
+ Relieve Chronic Gastritis & Stomach Acid
+ Normalize Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar
+ Good for Heart, Liver and Lungs.
+ Increases Endurance
+ Makes Sleep Better
+. (Many other benefits)

How to consume :
– Boil in 250ml of water (a glass of water)
-Drink in the morning after meals and at night before going to bed.

12 bags/box // Weigth : 50 gram

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